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John Tribolet has been designing art professionally for over 30 years now. He started back when one had to cut out each letter, one by one, hand place them and using giant stat cameras. His designs includes thousands of his own creations, tens of thousands of custom designs for retail as well as for businesses, scools, organizations and events.

John started as he was getting out of high school in 1978 when a local shop hired him as a part-timer and ended up firing the other part-timer, his former art teacher! Then, as he was in need of a living income while starting out in life, he worked for a boot-legger designing concert & sports shirts, which directly led him (ironically) to securing an art position at the country's largest t-shirt printer, Winterland Productions. That led to being the production manager at a large shop until he opened his first store in 1989. Over the span of his career, John has owned 3 stores, 2 shops, had permanent booths in several markets and has done thousands of events, fairs and festivals including major ones that draw 1/2 million people.

His previous custom work clients have included major universities, governments, organizations, agencies, recording artists, etc., just a few being NASA, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara, law enforcement from local tactical teams to the FBI, Creating Our Future, Rainforest Crunch Cereal, ActUp!, Earth First!, Red Cross, Lawrence Livermore Lab, museums, Grateful Dead, Metallica, entire city's work, etc.

His personal art has literally been bought and worn around the world and some of the well known people include Jerry Garcia, Martin Scorsese, Ken Kesey, Bob Weir, Ram Daas, Sherman Hemsley, Zen Tricksters, Wavy Gravy & Digital Underground to name a few.

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