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Emerald Valley Arts offers a wide variety of art services, such as Graphic Art, Logo Design, T-Shirt & Sportswear Design, Web Design, Packaging Design, CD/DVD Design, Color Separations, Business Forms, Marketing Tools, Product Branding and much more!   COMING SOON: Back by popular demand, Custom Screen Printing!
Creating Diverse Art Since 1978! Click HERE!

TnT Collectibles
You'll never know what you'll find here... It's like a regular Treasure Hunt! It's fun to search through our inventory of hot items just on the market to rare, retro items you thought you'd never see again! We're always looking to bring new and exciting collectibles, the best being one-of-a-kind finds!
Start Your Collectible Treasure Hunt HERE!!


The Eco Artist designs are available on Wall Art, as well as T-shirts, Sportswear, Drink-ware, Aprons, Buttons, Stickers,
Greeting Cards, Bags, and a lot more! Designs include whales, seascapes, dolphins, penguins, coast, and many more!
Because Nature IS Art! Click HERE!



Expert Photo Repair How many times have you found old family photos that were ruined, and wished they were restored? Or needed a professional looking head shot, but the photos you took never look good enough? Or you want a particular subject in a photo to stand out? Or have old 35mm Slides that you want as photographs? Or do you have a special memory captured in a photo, but your goofy kid brother gave you 'bunny ears'? That's where EXPERT PHOTO REPAIR comes to your rescue! I can remove those bunny ears, I can restore old photos, I can make your portrait POP (I can even change your eye color), I can remove unsightly background objects (or change them altogether), I can add or take away things, I can color-correct, I can create photos from your slides, I can make funky photos clear (to a point), I can add or take away wording, etc. So, when it comes to Photograph Repair, Touch-ups, Alterations and Manipulation, you need...

EXPERT Photo Repair!



Paint Our Pet - If you're anything like me, your pets are part of the family, or as many of us call them 'Fur Kids'. We love them, we spoil them, we let them destroy our homes. Just as people display photos and paintings of family members and ancestors, we animal lovers also display art and paintings of our animals, whether a horse, a cat, a snake, a bird, a ferret, or a dog, I even had a tarantula once. What I do is, I take your photo of your animal (whether it's a pet, a farm animal, best in show, one you just happen to photograph, one of a deceased pet, etc.), and turn it into a beautiful painting in one of three styles, available in digital format, as a poster print, or on canvas!
Creating Diverse Art Since 1978! Click HERE!


I Took A Shot offers some of the Photography and Digital Art of artist John Tribolet. Subject matters range from hot cars to scenery to concerts to Autzen Stadium & more. Purchase his photos or digital art on a wide variety of professional quality papers with a large selection of mat and framing options to meet any budget and decor.
For Unique Photography and Digital Art, Click HERE!


Popular T-Shirts and Gifts is the home page for our main T-shirt & Gifts store with most of our popular EXCLUSIVE designs on a wide variety of T-shirts, Sweats, Buttons, Stickers, Coffee Mugs, Items for Home & Office and more!
100's of Designs on 1,000's of Products! Click HERE!


Iguanamoose Trading Company carries exclusive Tie-Dye Keds Shoes, Tie-Dye Neck Ties, Tie-Dye Skateboards, Peace Designs, Political Liberal Democrat Designs & Music Designs on a wide variety of T-shirts & Gifts for alternative lifestyles.
Celebrate the Freak Within at Iguanamoose Trading!


Dart They Enemy designs exclusive dartboards of people, places and things that you hate, allowing you to take out your frustrations! Stop throwing things at your TV, when you can fling darts instead!   DART Thy Enemy! HERE!


Classic Print Ads carries many antique, vintage and classic print ads that are suitable for framing!
Buy Classic Print Ads Suitable for Framing HERE!


The Pin Bin - Exclusive and One of a Kind Pinback Button - Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians, Quotes, Sayings, Original Art, Political, and More.
Buy Exclusive Buttons HERE!!


Skull and Roses Domain For Sale - Send purchase offers to


Oregon Nation Domain For Sale - Send purchase offers to

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